Individual Player Benefits


BASE Level starts the lifecycle of a W.I.N. player and with our continued opportunities throughout the pathway, players and their families are able to grow within the W.I.N. environment and programs. Players can join the W.I.N Program at any stage of their play.

Referee Introduction and Development

Our head of referee development introduces and educates you on the pathway for entry to becoming a referee. Here starts the next generation of referees, which is an important part of growing the game at the grassroots level.

ID Opportunities

Players work with our Technical Directors and staff, who have either played or coach(ed) at the professional level. During these local camps and programs, players are identified for regional and national training camps through USSSA. As players progress into their teens, our partner College ID Me helps in the navigation process.

Education and Direction

Webinars will be scheduled featuring guest speakers for all W.I.N. players and parents. During these presentations, players will be assigned working agendas to help with their off field development.


Development Tracking

Players progressing into our regional and national programs receive evaluations and goal setting, empowering them to achieve their potential. These evaluations are stored in your player profile and create a trackable history for the player and family. Our goal is to foster your develop.

National and International Events

Throughout the year, events will be held both nationally and internationally for all W.I.N. participants. You'll receive invitations for these programs which are scheduled during school breaks allowing for continued learning during holidays.