The W.I.N. Program is the first step in creating a pathway for players, coaches, parents and soccer communities. We are dedicated to growing the game of soccer and providing support, education and advancement for our members. W.I.N. has been chosen as the player identification program and player/parent education platform by USSSA, an Organizational Member of U.S. Soccer who will offer our curriculum and expertise to member organizations, clubs, teams, players, parents and referees with programming dependent on needs.

What’s our goal?

To create an environment where we focus on "What's Important Now" at each one of our levels. The number one goal for us is to provide an enjoyable and worthwhile experience at each one of our levels. In succeeding, we can generate a longer lifespan of players within the game due to greater development on and off the field.

Is this only available to current members?

No. Our current members receive first rights for programming in the cities and states where they participate.

If there's no W.I.N. Program in your area, we want to hear from you. We would be happy to discuss the opportunity with you and take steps in order to make you part of our program. Learn more about how to become a W.I.N. Member here.

Do you have support for member organizations?

Of course! Our staff will work with you every step of the way and assist you in all your needs organization by organization. Each W.I.N. Partner Club will work with one of our Technical Director's through assignment to you. They will work with you in order to create the best possible program for your needs.

So you're just another summer camp program?

We do run camps, each one of our members has the ability to host our coaches for their members each year. However, we are different than many of the other camp programs in the market. Firstly, we are the only program linked to a member of U.S Soccer and this allows us to create a pathway which can result in national identification and further opportunities for your players.

We run classroom and workshop sessions. This is a key component of our camp curriculum helping with the development and growth of each player. Lastly, all our staff members have either played, coached or currently coach within the professional game. In order to give you the insight on what it takes to get there, we believe you must have attained it yourself in order to pass on.